The Skrillex Haircut

The Skrillex haircut is a men’s haircut where one single side of the head is either shaved or clipped short and the rest of the hair remains at a long length. Popularized by Sonny John Moore, known as Skrillex, the haircut was named the Skrillex haircut after Moore’s pseudonym in the electronica and dubstep musical genre. The Skrillex haircut is a men’s haircut based on long hair and an asymmetric hair look with one side of the head buzzed.

Sonny Moore posing with his signature Skrillex haircut, long hair and glasses

Skrillex (born January 15, 1988 in Los Angeles) became popular as an American dubstep producer and DJ in early 2011 as his song My Name is Skrillex (published in the summer of 2010) began receiving good worldwide coverage. Skrillex had already been DJing in the Los Angeles clubbing scene for some years by 2011, and it was his creative and avant-garde dubstep sound that helped him launch himself internationally right as the dubstep genre was beginning to take off commercially.

About the Skrillex Haircut

Skrillex’s signature haircut is an asymmetric haircut, which was already a relatively popular haircut some decades ago; in fact, the asymmetric haircut was most popular in the 1980s and among young women, who enjoyed the perceived rebellious look that clipping their hair gave. The asymmetric clipped hairstyle lost its popularity in the 1990s and 2000s, and it was in the early 2010s that such a haircut and hairstyle gained notoriety as not only Skrillex made it his signature hairstyle but also celebrities such as Rihanna, Christina Aguilera and Janet Jackson wore such a hairstyle in different occasions.

In terms of men’s hairstyles, the Skrillex haircut continues to remain a low-profile haircut because such outrageous haircuts as the Skrillex haircut are usually not popular with men as a whole. Likewise, the Skrillex haircut requires a long length of hair (at least six inches), which is a length that not many men have. Having said that, the Skrillex haircut has started to show signs of having the potential to become trendy with men as, since the early 2011, men haven’t had enough time to really grow their hair long and thus be able to clip a side of their heads to sport a proper Skrillex haircut.

For example, a male with short hair and sporting any short hairstyle would find himself taking at least three years to grow his hair as long as Skrillex has in the picture below, and, considering Skrillex only became really popular in early 2011, those men wanting to get a Skrillex haircut and emulate such a hairstyle would still be growing their head and would not be able to get their hair looking lke that of Skrillex until next year in 2014!

Picture of Sonny John Moore with his Skrillex haircut and reading glasses

As said, the Skrillex haircut is simple in that the hair should be left to at least six inches long all around the head and then a one single side of the head (be it left or right) is clipped either with no guard or with a number-one guard length. The Skrillex haircut can also be performed by shaving the chosen side of the head instead of clipping it, although the former (i.e. shaving of the hair) is rarer than the latter (i.e. clipping of the hair).

With regards to styling the hair in a Skrillex haircut, the styling is also fairly simple as the hair can either be left to hang loose or be instead elaborately styled in a Quiff or Side Swept hairstyle. The hair products to be used for the Skrillex haircut are a hair clipper and/or shaving razors and a good hair styling product such as a hair pomade, hair mousse, hair styling cream and/or hair spray; a hair dryer and hair straightener can also be used to enhance the Skrillex haircut.

Sonny Moore posing with his Skrillex haircut and reading glasses while pointing with his finger up during a DJ session

Today, the Skrillex haircut is still surging in popularity and more women as well as men are trying this peculiar hair look and hairstyle. While women try Skrillex haircuts with very long hair (reaching shoulder length and below), men so far have only ventured with the Skrillex haircut by trying it with either medium length hair of some four to six inches long or long hair that does not reach the shoulders.

It is only a matter of time, however, before we start seeing men with very long hair trying the Skrillex haircut; if anything, men haven’t had enough time to grow their hair at lengths beyond shoulder length so 2014 will surely be the year in which the Skrillex haircut starts to become popular with men owning very long hair.

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