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my skrillex blogMy name is Sandy and I’m 22 years old studying Journalism. I’ve always thought about having a blog but I never found something worth being blogged about considering that everything that I liked was already filled with bloggers. However, I’m finding an inner urge that is telling me to blog and have an audience, so I have decided to start putting my continually-learning journalist skills to the practice and here I find myself blogging about an “issue” that is taking all of us by surprise: the hipster culture.

The hipster culture is motored by none other than Skrillex and it was his illogical haircut that inspired me to blog about it first and then build on from there into the hipster culture. It doesn’t help that my father owns a barbershop and my mother is a beautician; I find myself knowing all the tidbits related to hairstyles and hairdressing, so creating this blog is an equally-illogical mesh of my passion for journalism and having grown up around hair dryers, hair clippers and shears.

I hop you enjoy my blog and feel free to post comments if you enjoy my site!


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