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At Skrillex Haircut our goal is to pioneer upon a pioneer himself. Electronic-DJ Skrillex not only has helped pioneer a genre but he has also pioneered a haircut and hairstyle for men that used to be reserved for women only.

Sonny John Moore with his long hair in a Skrillex haircut


Also known as Sonny John Moore, Skrillex has popularized a type of asymmetric haircut among men that has come to be known as the Skrillex haircut. In this blog, I want to bring you all about the Skrillex haircut and Skrillex himself so that you can know of a new hair style and increase your range of trendy personal styles for yourself to sport.

The point of this site, or the one I want, is to illustrate parts of the hipster culture starting by Skrillex himself (flagship of the hipster!) and his unusual yet-trending hairstyle. Basically, you could call this blog a Skrillex celebrity-watch blog that starts from Skrillex’s haircut and develops into a Skrillex-following blog and how he impacts the new breed of hipsters worldwide.

See you here! 🙂


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