Hair Products for the Skrillex Haircut

The hair products to use for your Skrillex hair look

The Skrillex haircut is surprisingly easy to do. Since the Skrillex haircut is asymmetric by nature, all you have to do is use a hair clipper and clip either of the two sides of your head (left or right). Ideally, your hair should be at least 4 inches long so that when you buzz your left/right temple, the asymmetric shape really stands out.

A hair clipper used for the Skrillex haircut

Now, for hair clippers, I have to say that there are hair clippers and then there are HAIR CLIPPERS. What I mean is that you can buy a cheap hair clipper and get away with clipping your hair once, but, if you are serious about the Skrillex haircut or intend to buzz your hair more times in the future, then I recommend you to invest in a good hair clipper. For my money, the following are the two best hair clippers you can buy:

  • Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper: this hair clipper is simply the best hair clipper in the market. The only issue with this hair clipper is that it has to be plugged to use it but that’s a very minor issue, if any at all. To buy the Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper, CLICK HERE and if you want to get a more complete haircut, also grab the accessory guards for the hair clipper (CLICK HERE to buy them too)
  • Andis Super AGR: this is the cordless hair clipper you can buy. The Andis Super AGR is a cordless hair clipper and the battery lasts much longer than any of the other cordless hair clippers around. To buy the Andis Super AGR, CLICK HERE

The above two hair clippers are the best ones you can get and will last you years, they really are worth the investment!

Hair styling products for the Skrillex haircut

Whether your hair in the Skrillex haircut is short or long, you can use a couple of hair styling products to enhance your Skrillex hairstyle. Wet your hair and the style your hair whether up, down or in a messy style. Use these hair styling products:

  • Hair wax: it will give you sleek and definition, use it if your hair is 4 to 8 inches long. To buy hair wax, CLICK HERE
  • Hair gel: it will give a more natural look to your Skrillex hair and hair gel is great to shape your hair style. To buy hair gel CLICK HERE
  • Styling cream: it will make your hair glossy and frizz-free. Styling cream is awesome for long hair so if you hair is over 8 inches in length, go for a styling cream. To buy a styling cream, CLICK HERE
  • Hair dryer: it will help with defining your hair more and using a hair dryer can, if you want, give you extra volume for your hair. I totally recommend you to own a hair dryer even as a guy because this tool is pretty good at enhancing your Skrillex look. To buy a good hair dryer, CLICK HERE

All hair products you need for your Skrillex hair cut

The Skrillex haircut is one great men’s style and using hair products will make it even more awesome. Whether you have short hair or long hair, straight hair or curly hair, using any of the hair products that I’ve recommended you will go a long way to make your hair truly stand out!

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