Skrillex Hair Caught Fire On His Birthday Party

Skrillex Hair Caught Fire On His Birthday

Skrillex (born Sonny John Moore on January 15 1988) has long hair and is known for his trademark Skrillex haircut. All of this we know so far, however, what some of you may not know is that Skrillex accidentally set his hair on fire (lightly) on his 25th birthday (15th January 2013) as he was blowing the candles for a birthday cake his friends had set up.

Picture of Skrillex's long hair catching fire on his birthday as he blows the candles on his birthday cake

The fire incident was a light one (no pun intended) and Skrillex’s hair was hardly damaged although hair that catches on fire is normally better off being cut as the damage to the hair tends to be irreversible. Luckily for Skrillex, only a couple of locks managed to catch fire (the hair on his non clipped side of the head), so Skrillex was able to continue his birthday party with his long hair alright.

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