Skrillex Haircut: What is Its Real Name?

The Skrillex haircut does have an actual name as a haircut, and that name is an asymmetric haircut. Essentially, an asymmetric haircut is a haircut by which the hair is cut or trimmed so that the overall shape of the hair is disrupted and looks lopsided when looked from the front.

An¬†asymmetric haircut can be implemented by trimming the length of the hair on the sides and/or back of the head, or it can be implemented by cutting the top of the hair unevenly; the top of the head is usually a short men’s haircut, cut asymmetrically such as Quiff hairstyles, fringe hairstyles (such as those worn by EMO girls and boys) or for Shaggy hairstyles.

A woman with an asymmetric haircut resembling a Skrillex haircut with a fringe.

Asymmetric haircuts are popular with women in their late teens and early twenties, and asymmetric haircuts have been popular since the 1970s in one way or another. asymmetric haircuts on the top of the head for Shaggy hairstyles were popular in the 1980s whereas asymmetric fringes were popular in the 2000s. For men, it has been in the early 2010s that asymmetric haircuts have become popular, with asymmetric Quiffs been a good preference for men.

So know you know it, the Skrillex haircut is part of a general haircut known as an asymmetric haircut!

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