Skrillex Has Shaved His Head!! See His Picture Here!!

Skrillex shaves his hair after losing a bet to Dadmau5

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!! After so many years of Skrillex growing his hair long and even rumors that he wanted to grow his hair longer, Skrillex has shaved his hair. I will be posting below a picture of Skrillex’s new shaved hair. But first and if you’re new to my site, what the heck is the Skrillex haircut?

The skrillex haircut is an undercut hairstyle

Skrillex has had long hair for a good number of years, and some die-hard fans believe that Skrillex was born with long hair already. But as Skrillex started getting more and more famous, he got his famous side undercut haircut while keeping his long hair. Now if you live in Los Angeles, or anywhere in California for that matter, you will know that the undercut with long hair is a butch haircut. What I mean by that is that the long hair undercut is a lesbian’s haircut and is used by lesbians to signal others that they are “into it”. I;m no saying anything new, all of us n the LGBT community have known this for as long as whoever it was decided to shave the sides of her head and keep the long hair to make it a hip butch hairstyle.

Since Skrillex isn’t very masculine and is actually quite a petite boy, this sparked rumors of Skrillex being gay. After all, he has feminine features, probably has the testosterone of a cookie and wears a lesbian’s haircut. I’ve talked about whether Skrillex is gay or not before so take a look at the linked article if you’re interested in knowing the sexual preferences of our music god.

Right, right. I’m getting off the tracks.

So before Skrillex got his trademarked undercut haircut, Skrillex actually had long hair when he was younger like any regular West-coast dude out there and without the eccentric undercuts or shaving of the head.

This is a picture of how the long hair of Skrillex looked before the undercut and before he shaved it

Skrillex also burnt his hair on his 25th birthday and he has also mentioned in the past his idea of growing his hair longer up to his waist. So as you can understand, Sonny John Moore (Skrillex’s real name) values his hair a lot, but not enough to actually shave it all off??

Skrillex shaves his hair and head

There was some gossip in the last gig we went to that Skrillex had done some changes to the way he looked, and tat in particular it had to do with his hair. Some people were saying that Skrillex got hair extensions while others said that Skrillex had bleached his hair blonde. No one thought that Skrillex had in fact shaved his head.

The good news for everyone (who loves his hair) is that Skrillex only shaved the side of his head. What actually happened is that Skrillex lost a bet with Deadmau5 and, as part of losing the bet, Deadmau5 told Skrillex that he had to shave his head. Skrillex showed his middle finger to Deadmau5 with regards to him shaving his head, so they came to an agreement: Skrillex would shave side of his head. And so he did.

This is a picture of Skrillex with his head shaved with the hair in an undercut

The shaving of his head was quite noticeable from the distance because the lighting was reflecting off his shaved head! Since he entered the DJ booth from the right side (to use) everyone saw immediately a shiny head making his way to the DJ booth, since we wee seeing the newly shaved side of the head of Sonny. It was later that we had confirmed that indeed Skrillex had shaved his head and that it was part of a bet that he lost with Deadmau5.

I think that I speak on behalf of the many hardcore Skrillex fans like myself that, if Skrillex had shaved his head, it would have been a tragedy. Just look at what happened to Jared Leto after his cut his long hair. It only took him 15 minutes to tweet after cutting his hair that he missed his long hair. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like if Skrillex had shaved all of his head!! 😀

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