Skrillex’s Haircut: It Not Always Was Asymmetric

Skrillex’s Haircut: It Not Always Was Asymmetric

Well, Sonny Moore (aka Skrillex) hasn’t always had a Skrillex haircut although Sonny Moore has always a preference for long hair. Likewise, Skrillex hasn’t always had an asymmetric haircut.

Up until 2007, Skrillex was part of a band called From First to Last, and it was there that Skrillex developed his taste for a grunge slash EMO hairstyle look with the long hair. In fact, the now-hipster Skrillex could have passed for an EMO back in the day where being a dubstep slash electronica guru wasn’t his top priority or in his mind. Skrillex has also sported a fringe hairstyle albeit his fringes would usually be asymmetric.

Pictures of Skrillex with long hair and a non asymmetric haircut

Skrillex with a more normal haircut and long hair when he was young

Skrillex with a haircut consisting of long hair

Skrillex with a neat haircut and EMO hairstyle posing for Halloween

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