Undercut Hairstyle and Skrillex Haircut

The undercut hairstyle is usually associated with medium length men’s hairstyles like the undercut hairstyle of Jimmy Damordy in Boardwalk Empire or the slicked haircut of Jake Gyllenhaal in Prisoners, so one may not think of the Skrillex haircut as an undercut hairstyle, or at least at a first glance. However, an undercut is any kind of haircut that just like its name says, aims to cut under any given length of the hair. So even if the hair is long, an undercut can be done.

The cool slicked back undercut hairstyle of Jake GyllenhaalLike I have mentioned to you, Skrillex’s haircut is what is known as an asymmetric haircut since one side of the head is clipped and no symmetry is sought. If however, we wanted to label the asymmetric cut, we would call it an undercut, or better yet, a side undercut. Actually, you could very well just call the Skrillex haircut a side undercut! Not all undercuts must look like the haircut of Jake Gyllenhaal in Prisoners even though the classic slicked back undercut is one of the most popular styles as far as the under cut goes. Not so much the Skrillex undercut, where to begin with, you need long hair and to be either a student or an employee at a very liberal company!

Undercut, asymmetric haircut or simply the Skrillex haircut?

I know, I know… semantics. But I’ve gotten a few emails asking about the undercut hairstyle and the Skrillex haircut. For those of us rabid fans of both Skrillex and his epic hair, such semantics may make a world of a difference in discussions as most hipsters tend to be fairly vocal in their discussions and god help you if you get into a discussion about Skrillex with a hipster! LOL

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